Art Director, Hair Visionary & Makeup Artist, Celebrity stylist, Editorial expert & Backstage artist also responsible for making the hashtag #HairGod trend on all social platforms.

Shannon has fast become one of Australia’s leading Hair & Makeup artists – working alongside notable clients such as Margot Robbie, Elsa Patkay, Nicole Trunfio and Jacob Elordi with his work featuring in major publications such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Grazia, and Elle Australia just to name a few.


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For me, it was, I need hair now, and want to pay later. Base Hair made the process of buying my extensions easy because they have Afterpay. I could buy my extensions now and pay it off slowly. I like their products too - top quality.


Whenever I shop at Base Hair, I like always buy more than one thing. It's so weird that I do that, but that's just me. Love your options and best delivery times.


Base Hair Extensions really know how to make me happy. I lover their service, especially their range and delivery times it's the best I've gotten in 2020.


The models hair was thin, and I didn't even use a whole packet.

Andi Asmaro, Celebrity Hair Stylist

I had my Base Hair extensions tapes applied by Tash and Mister and Her, she is absolutely the best and your extensions are absolutely incredible.


The ponytail quality is the best I've ever had, washes so well and is so comfy.


Absolutely love the hair, curls and styles so well and colour is unreal. LOVE IT and client is super happy!

Olivia, Hair Stylist

I love it!!!! I'm in heaven. My hairdresser who applied my hair has 25 years is experience and is stunned by the hair!


In my 15 years in the hair industry and 11 of those years working with many different haircare and hair extensions manufacturers, I was so impressed with my amazing encounter with the Base Hair Team! I reached out to at least 9 different suppliers for samples of their product to stock in my business and received email responses from back and forth over a period of a week before samples were sent, not with Base. I received 1 email from Irene at Base almost immediately asking if I was available for a phone call! No back and forth no registration before no me chasing up a business to spend my money just a completely real experience with an incredible human offering me more support then I could have ever imagined. I held my breath hoping that the quality of the product was going to match the quality of service and to my surprise it was YES YES YES all the way to home Base! Thank you Base Hair

Sandra Selman - Director of Hair Projekt

I’m obsessed the hair, it feels soooo good and I love how easy they are to wash. They feel good after being washed & styled by me too I feel like the actual tapes themselves are more comfortable & sit flatter, & aren’t as noticeable either!

Christina Play

I just have to say I’ve been using your clips ins so much and I’m obsessed 🥰 so easy to use and now that I toned my hair the color match is perf!


You guys are awesome, I love the hair and brand The quality and price is amazing!

Amber Goncalves - Director of Harlow Sloan Hair

Massive credit to you, the hair quality is some of the best I've ever touched and felt, it's incredible.

Brooklyn, Director of The Hair Network