What are Remy hair extensions?

Hair extensions add length and fullness to your hair. Base Hair extensions are made out of real, human hair also known as ''Remy hair''. This is the highest grade of human hair as it is taken from the scalp where the cuticles are pointing in the same directions as the hairs next to them. This means that all of the cuticles (the outer layer of the hair) are intact which results in less tangles and matting.

When looking into purchasing hair extensions it’s so important to actually know where the hair is coming from. Remy hair comes from a donor who is paid to supply their natural hair. Usually their hair is cut from a ponytail as this will ensure that the cuticles are in the correct direction. By doing this it is aligning and preserving the hair cuticles in a unilateral direction and ensures the natural look and feel of hair extensions. To help achieve beautiful long and luscious locks the hair is lightly processed to preserve its natural quality as there is no need for any harsh chemicals as the hair itself due to it being natural human hair. 

All Remy hair extensions flow in the natural direction in which the hair was grown. This means that it is less prone to complications such as becoming matted and tangling. There is no added silicone put into Remy hair which results in soft, beautiful, natural looking hair.

You may find that Remy hair is more expensive to buy than other hair on the market, this is due to the unique way it’s made and sourced. Spending that little bit more on quality hair that looks good, is soft and easy to style is a no brainer!